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Credit Repair

Many Canadians are being denied various credit services such as car loans, mortgages, and other financing options due to bad credit. Poor credit standing could be due to financial errors or misrepresented financial information on your credit report. The good news is that reliable credit repair services can help review your credit profile, identify these errors, and get them addressed. A comprehensive credit repair process can also help improve your overall credit score and other important details included in your credit report.

What is credit repair?

Generally, credit repair involves addressing poor credit standing and ensuring a better credit report in the future. Your credit score may have deteriorated due to a broad range of reasons, some of which may be beyond your control. The process of repairing your bad credit can involve simple tasks such as identifying and disputing errors in your credit report (issued by credit reporting agencies).

Sometimes, the credit repair process may be complex and involve extensive works of repair, especially if your case involves identity theft. Remember, financial budgeting and responding to genuine concerns from lenders may be part of the credit repair process. 

In recent years, many entities claim to provide credit repair and debt consolidation services. While some of these companies provide financial services that could help repair your poor credit, their approach and efforts might be questionable. It’s also imperative to remember that there are credit repair cases that require legal and financial expertise. So, depending on the unique circumstances of your credit issues, repairing your credit score may require clearing misunderstandings, and sometimes, professional intervention might be necessary.  

How credit repair works

Suppose you have a poor credit standing or no credit history, you will find it challenging to apply for various credit services such as credit card, mortgage, and car loans. Financial lending institutions evaluate your credit score and credit report to determine your overall creditworthiness. They also use the financial details in your credit report to determine the amount of interest they can charge borrowers interested in their credit services. The entire credit repair process aims to help Canadians with poor credit or no credit history rebuild their creditworthiness and be eligible for various credit services from financial lending institutions.

Many credit repair agencies claim that they can successfully clean up your bad credit history within a short period. Unfortunately, addressing the misrepresented information on your credit reports is a lengthy and complicated process that takes longer than you think. Besides, the financial information quoted by the credit monitoring and reporting agencies can’t be altered by a third party directly.

However, York Credit Services can carefully evaluate your credit profile, find misrepresented or inaccurate financial information in your credit report, and dispute those inaccuracies. Indeed, we can investigate your financial information and work tirelessly to ensure any misrepresented information that could affect your credit score is corrected. Remember, the level of complexity of your credit repair will depend on how you have been using credit and your overall credit activity.

Your credit report contains your financial, personal, and credit history information. It takes about 30 days to 90 days to update the financial information in your final credit report. Some of the financial details reported in your credit report include bad checks, checking and savings accounts closed, bankruptcy, specific debts that have been sent to collection agencies, and more.

Keep in mind that these details can affect your finances and your overall creditworthiness. This is because your overall credit standing depends on your debt payment patterns. Poor credit standing degrades your overall creditworthiness, and that means financial lenders may be wary of advancing credit services to you. Fortunately, minimizing your debt load may result in improvement in your overall credit profile.

The financial experts at York Credit Services are fully committed to helping you address your current credit issues so that your applications for credit financial services can be approved. If you’re battling with income tax debt, student loans, foreclosure debt issues, and high credit card debt, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Did you know that a poor credit score or credit history can affect your finances? Most financial lending institutions evaluate borrower’s credit reports and credit scores to decide whether they will lend them money. These credit report details are also used to determine the number of interest borrowers may be required to pay when obtaining loans and other credit services.

Having a poor credit history or no credit history at all could make it harder for you to acquire a mortgage, credit card, or car loan. Sometimes, it can even make it difficult for you to get hired for a job, rent a house, or even an apartment. This is because poor credit standing tells lenders that you have a habit of owing money and not paying it on time, you have used your available credit beyond your current limit, or you don’t pay your debts on time.

At York Credit Services, we understand that financial difficulties are sometimes an inevitable part of human life, but this shouldn’t hold you from making significant financial achievements in the future. Our financial experts will help you address your bad credit standing and improve your chances of accessing various credit services that could help you achieve your financial and investment ambitions.

We can help you address various credit problems that could impact your overall credit standing. Some of these issues include outstanding student loans, increasing credit card debts, foreclosure debt issues, income tax debts, and payday loans. Our credit repair services aim to help you pay down your debt, correct your poor credit standing, and offer you the resources you need to get out of your crippling debt trap. Some of the types of credit problems which may affect your credit score that we can help with, include high credit card debts, payday loans, student loans, income tax debt and foreclosure debt problems. If you owe more than you can pay back, you need a credit repair solution as soon as possible. Credit repair helps you focus on paying your debt within the shortest time possible so you can move on financially from crippling debt.


Your credit report is a comprehensive summary of your entire credit history. It’s created the moment you apply for credit for the first time or decide to borrow money. Financial lenders in Canada use the financial information indicated in your credit report generated by various credit bureaus, also referred to as credit reporting agencies. The specific details indicated in your report will last for about 6 years, which means every New Year is your chance to improve your overall credit score.

Remember that negative details like bad debt indicated in your credit report may fall off over time. However, this may take longer than you think, requiring more immediate efforts to address your poor credit standing. In Canada, various credit monitoring systems are in place, which makes it necessary for us (credit repair agency) to collaborate with the credit bureaus and other relevant partners to improve our clients’ overall credit history and scores.

It’s important to mention that the credit repair process is a challenging path that’s suitable for individuals who are committed to changing their overall credit standing and are willing to participate in our program. This can help them prove that they are financially responsible. Even if lenders prefer borrowers with a good credit standing, they may also be interested in understanding how you can address your financial challenges within a short timeframe. Our financial experts will help you achieve this.


Your payment history plays an essential role in determining your overall credit score. If you have not been meeting your financial obligations on time, there is a good chance your credit standing was affected negatively. The good news is that we provide credit repair services that present our clients with the opportunity to rebuild valuable credit reports that can successfully be used as a reference point for financial lending institutions in the future.

It’s important to note that York Credit Services can’t expunge accurate credit information included in your credit report even if that information is negative. This can only be done once the legal period has expired. There are no laws that allow credit repair companies to directly edit financial information provided by the credit monitoring and reporting bureaus. The only thing we can do is to investigate all possible errors in your financial information submitted to credit bureaus and dispute instances of financial information of misrepresentation. This will help improve your overall credit standing.

Our financial advisors will help you figure out an effective strategy to pay down your debts. We can use third-party lenders to introduce credit cards or loans in your credit report if you have no credit history. This will eventually lead to a better credit score. No matter the credit issues you’re facing, we can help you rebuild your credit and offer other related services such as financial coaching and monitoring.

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