Parking Tickets

Did you know that old, unpaid parking tickets can have a negative impact on your credit report? Well, you may forget about your old parking tickets, but surprisingly, they never forget your name. Therefore, don’t make a mistake of thinking that if you just ignore your parking ticket you can somehow get away with the act. These old unpaid tickets can haunt your credit report because they are included in your credit report. This can even cause difficulties when you try to apply for credit.

Getting your packing tickets eliminated from your credit report

Most people don’t realize that their old parking tickets are included in their credit reports up until the day they realize they can’t access a particular level of credit. Perhaps you applied for a loan. Then, your desired lender obtains your credit report, and then you’re asked, “Why do you still have a collection for $300 owed to City of X under the public record of their credit bureau?” Well, this sounds embarrassing, but you can always fix the mess.

Don’t be surprised that most cities report millions of dollars’ worth of outstanding unpaid tickets (parking). With such widespread challenges in parking ticket payments, you can be sure that most cities will do all they can to retrieve that outstanding amount in an attempt to increase their revenue. Therefore, if you dodge the parking ticket, then you, and your credit score might be affected negatively because such information will be included in your credit report. Your lenders will know that you didn’t pay for the parking tickets.

You can consider paying those old parking tickets and request the credit bureau to exclude the public record from your credit report. An easier way of doing this is to pay what you owe that company then request them to eliminate that record from your credit report. The good news is that once you eliminate these parking tickets from your credit report, your credit score will go up.

In some cases, people ignore the parking tickets because they think the amount was charged wrongly. Perhaps it was overcharged or recorded under your name by mistake. This isn’t your mistake and the last thing you should think of is ignoring the mess. This is because though the charge isn’t legit, it will definitely show up on your credit report and affect it negatively. Therefore, the wise thing to do is to dispute the charge and solve the issue before it affects you.

You can help your credit score

Most people take their time to pay their parking tickets. As much as you want to take your time when it comes to debt consolidation services Toronto, avoid taking too long to clear your parking tickets. Though it might not be worth it for the city to send old unpaid parking tickets to a known collection agency, the city can seek your attention by having these debts included in your credit report.

Therefore, if you haven’t been paying your parking tickets, it’s times to pay them before your lender sees them.


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