Credit Report and Score

Did you know that you can access your credit report for free? You’ll need your report even before considering different forms of debt relief Innisfil. There are 3 ways to check your credit rating in Canada. Remember, requesting for your credit report is a good way to determine your credit worthiness and know if there is any misinformation or eliminations that could affect your rating. The two credit reporting agencies, Equifax and TransUnion, can give you your free credit report when you get in touch with them on phone. They have toll free numbers which you can call and answer a few questions to reveal your identity before the report is sent to your mail. It can take approximately 3 weeks for your report to be sent via mail.

There are cases where your request is rejected. This happens when you make a mistake when answering the automated telephone service or if the information you give doesn’t match what the agency has in the records. If your request is rejected by the automated telephone service for one reason or the other, don’t give up. There are still two options left to get your credit report. Equifax and TransUnion both provide an online form that you can fill to request for a copy of your credit report. After filling out the forms, mail them to the respective credit reporting agencies and then they will send you a free credit report after receiving them. If you need to get your report from Equifax fast, you can use the fax number on the form. Faxing the request assures you a faster response. When you receive the email, you may notice that certain personal information is blocked out. This is done so that someone doesn’t harm your identity if they get your report erroneously. If you really need to get your report fast and you don’t have time to wait for it to arrive by mail, you can pay and get it instantly on both Equifax and TransUnion. Instant access to your credit report is only available on both sites after paying a fee. If you also want to see your credit score, you will pay an extra amount for it. If you suspect that your credit isn’t as good as it should, don’t rush for debt settlement Innisfil before getting your report. Pay to have a full report and a score so you can go over it and determine where you went wrong.

Going through your credit report

It’s very important to understand your credit report and correct any pending mistakes. The credit report will contain different explanations of lines of credit you’ve taken in future. If you suspect that there is information that is incorrect, write to the credit reporting agency with details on the misinformation. Small mistakes on your report can cost you a lot of money. You may even be denied financing due to issues in your credit report that should have been removed years ago.