Use Your Tax Refund Wisely

You may perceive your tax refund as free money from the government. But before you rush to spend it on a new gadget or furniture, know that this extra paycheck can help you reach your financial goals. So why not put it aside and use it to get out of debt faster. Perhaps save it for the future and it can cater to an emergency or unexpected cost? Here are some ways to use your tax refund wisely.

Spend it wisely

Perhaps you have been saving for an additional expense like fixing your HVAC unit before the hot summer months. Use the paycheck you get from the government to finally fix this. This important check can allow you to make ends meet if you use it wisely.

Pay off debts

When you want to get out of debt fast, you may have different forms of debt relief Richmond Hill to consider. But you can always start by paying off the credit products that have the highest interest rates. Use the tax refund to pay your high-interest debt. Whether it’s a credit card or any other line of credit, this money can help you achieve your goal of being debt-free. When you pay off that debt now, you can be able to secure a better loan at a low interest rate. Plus, you’ll feel at peace knowing you’ve cleared a high-interest debt.

Open an emergency fund

If you don’t have an emergency fund, use your tax refund as an opportunity to open one. This is money that will come in handy whenever you have unexpected expenses like medical bills, auto repairs among others. Supplement the amount you have in your emergency fund by having a certain amount being deducted automatically every month from your checking account. Make sure the money is tucked away where it can be accessed whenever you need to.

Save for retirement

Want to secure your future? Use the tax refund to contribute to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). This not only allows you to save for your future but also get more tax savings. Remember that the contributions you make are counted in your tax return. So adding the amount you receive to your RRSP contributions will help you save on your taxes the following year.

Save for college

If you have kids, saving for college should be one of your top priorities. You can contribute to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and send the paycheck you receive as your tax return directly to your account. RESP contributions also have tax incentives so you can be able to save when paying taxes the following year.

Once you make smart decisions with the money you receive from the government in form of tax return, it’s time to make the next move for the coming financial year. Consult a professional if you ever need help with debt consolidation Richmond Hill to sort out your finances. Plan ahead of time on how you can improve your budget and increase your credit score. Remember there are so many tax incentives that you can get to increase the paycheck you receive from the tax agency the coming year. Most important, file your taxes on time to avoid penalties.