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Lost, disoriented, unsure and confused are all terms that describe how it feels to have debt issues.  At York Credit Services we understand the stress and emotional roller coaster that come with financial strain. We were founded on the belief that all people deserve to be treated equally and have access to the same services and knowledge when it comes to debt resolution. The industry is currently geared towards helping creditors recoup as much money as possible, but not taking the individual situation into account.

York Credit Services steps in and stops collections calls and helps you get organized, educated and out of debt. We work exclusively for our clients, not your creditors!

Our extensive network of professionals is dedicated to working with us to help you achieve the best debt solution at the best terms possible. We work quickly and efficiently and can implement a solution in as little as two days.

If you’re facing a debt challenge, need to refinance a mortgage or get into a new vehicle, call us today. The initial consultation is always free and there is no obligation.

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York Credit Services Reviews
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5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

When my son and I went to his appointment at york credit we were given a good range of options to consolidate his debt, each one explained to us in detail with all the pros and cons. I'm glad I convinced him to come cause it's been a pain watching him struggle with debt day by day. Now he started paying it off finally which is great. I recommend this company for the kind of situations we were in.

Palma Zieme
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I found this company for my niece --- she had a bad experience with another debt relief company out of Mississauga. She just visited me and it's the first time I've seen her smile cuz she's finally getting out of her trouble. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Nyasia Gottlieb
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I've got to tip my hat to York Credit Services. They were nothing short of exceptional. Their team made sure I grasped every detail, going the extra mile to assist me. I'm deeply appreciative to have had such support. Thanks to them, my financial horizon is looking a whole lot sunnier.

Jerob Abshire
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I had the pleasure of working with York Credit Services, and I must say, their team was a breath of fresh air. They were not just trying to make a quick buck but were actually caring about my financial well-being and lowered my payments considerably! The process was straightforward, lifting a huge burden off my shoulders. Truly grateful for their exceptional service and 100% recommend! Thanks

Hellen Gaylord
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

Big shouts to York Credit Services! Not only was the team knowledgeable and helpful, but they also brought a sense of humour to the table, making a potentially stressful situation feel like a breeze! Their top-notch customer service skills and deep understanding of the matter made all the difference. I’ve finally stopped getting calls from debt collectors and my life began anew. So relieved!

Malachi Hansen
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I felt awkward about calling them cuz tbh it's pretty embarrassing for me. Despite that I can say now it's been the best decision, when Tyson started talking to me I immediately felt I was in good hands. He made sure I understood what's going on and gave me very useful tips on how to handle my debt issues which I've been applying since!

William Cruz
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

York Credit Services did an excellent job consolidating my debt and everyone I interacted with there was wonderful. They reduced my debt by about 70%, which is manageable for me. I’m not homeless and I got to keep my car. They basically saved my financial life, so I strongly recommend them if your debt has ballooned out of control.

Jesse Rodriguez
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

To everyone who is struggling with debt, I would HIGHLY recommend using York Credit Services. I used YCS to consolidate my debt.
It took me way too long to build up the courage to make the call. Once I finally made that call, I was greeted with nothing but kindness. I would recommend asking to deal with Camilo.

Miss Hall

York Credit - Our Services

York Credit - Our Services
Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation involves applying for a loan to combine all your debts into a single liability and pay them off. The option allows you to service one loan only instead of multiple small loans. Debt consolidation is ideal for people struggling to pay their debts. With the right debt consolidation experts like York Credit, you will be provided with debt solutions that fit your specific needs. This involves the creation of a savings plan and a range of other debt consolidation services.

York Credit offers a variety of services ranging from helping you figure out how much debt you have and whether you qualify for settlement to all your debt relief options and how to overcome the challenges of debt settlement. You don’t have to struggle with debts alone. Our team at York Credit is here to get you back on your feet. Get in touch with us today.

York Credit - Our Services
Credit Repair

A low credit score will keep you from qualifying for car loans, mortgages and other forms of financing. This is because lenders always look at your credit score to determine your ability to pay them back. However, if you have a poor credit score, all is not lost. At York Credit, we offer effective credit repair services in Canada. Credit repair involves fixing a poor credit score. It may involve something as simple as disputing mistakes in the information that credit agencies have or extensive credit repair work.

When you come to us, we will help you understand your credit reports and create a credit repair process that is tailored to you. Our service is centred on helping you build new valuable credit reports that will improve your rating with financial institutions and lenders. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our credit repair services in Canada.

York Credit - Our Services
Credit Counselling

Many people are unable to clear their debts because they struggle with keeping track of them. If you don’t know which debts are overdue and how much you owe, things will only worsen. That is why at York Credit, we offer credit counselling services which help you settle your debt through education, budgeting and the use of tools which help reduce and subsequently eliminate your debts. We help you get rid of the high-interest rates on your credit card debt to achieve stability.

We work with certified counsellors who will evaluate all your debts, help with budgeting, and develop the best solutions to eliminate debts. We are happy to be the go-between for you and your creditors and create repayment plans that reduce or eliminate interest rates. Get in touch with us now to speak with our debt counselling specialists.

York Credit - Our Services
Income Tax Debt

The Canada Revenue Agency is the worst creditor you can have on your back. The agency has massive powers to make sure you pay what you owe. The huge penalties and high interest on overdue taxes can be suffocating. The worst part is that the Canada Revenue Agency can even take money from your salary or account if you fail to pay up. If you feel your tax debt is getting out of hand, speak with one of our experienced debt relief experts to discuss your options.

When you come to us, our team will start by helping you know how much you owe to the taxman. We will also help you submit your tax returns, guide you so that you avoid future tax obligations and explore all available options for reducing or even eliminating tax debt. Don’t ignore your tax debt. Talk to us before things get worse.

York Credit - Our Services
Business Debt Relief Program

One way of dealing with business debt is filing a Division 1 proposal. However, while the filing will help shed some of your business debts, it is not something you should do blindly. At York Credit, we have one of the best business debt relief programs. Our experts will help you review all the required steps, assess your debts and create a financial solution that works for your business.

Our mission as one of the best debt relief experts in Canada is to give you relief from debts. We achieve this by working closely with you and your creditors to develop a solution that is fair to both parties. You no longer have to struggle with debts on your own. Our solutions will give you relief from the stress that comes with debts. Call us today to learn how our debt relief experts can help.

York Credit - Our Services
Other Financial Services

A good credit rating is essential. However, at times, it gets hard to make payments on mortgages, car payments, and other bills. If you don’t recover in time, creditors may start harassing you. Our team is here to ensure you recover from any financial hardship and enjoy peace of mind from creditors. Our professionals will work with you to understand your debts, offer education to help you remain debt-free and come up with a budget and a payment plan that is tailored to you.

York Credit offers referrals and assistance to different client needs. If you are struggling with mortgage payments, we have mortgage brokers who are happy to help. It doesn’t matter how dire your debt problem is; we are here to help you get back on your feet. Contact us now to find out more about our solutions and how we can help.

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